• Every woman deserves to have a healthy, happy life, they love!

    Are you ready and willing to make that life your reality?

    I work with women who struggle with emotional eating.

    I help them break through obstacles by ditching the traditional mindset of judgement, deprivation, and resentment so they can create the modern mindset of courage, curiosity, and accountability needed to heal emotional wounds, lose weight, and restore their self-confidence.


    "Show your body gratitude, NOT attitude." ~ Adrienne Kraig

  • Meet Adrienne

    Certified Health Coach, Life Coach, and Culinary Nutrition Instructor

    My Story

    I have fallen in and out of health many times throughout my life. Before my most recent transformation, I was living a life filled with anxiety, chronic stress and anger, which led to binge eating. My home and work environments had become toxic for me. I was using food to push down my emotions and avoid realities I needed to face. Realities that I had ignored for far too long.


    I no longer recognized the woman I had become. I lost the part of myself that took risks despite the fear, the part that loved adventure, learning and growing as a person, and meeting new people. I spent so much time focusing on taking care of everyone else’s needs, I forgot that it was just as important to take care of myself.


    After I turned 40, my body started going through changes I didn’t understand. My metabolism came to a screeching halt. I gained 35 pounds in four years! I developed a severe pain in my hip joint that caused my leg to give out from underneath me without warning. This went on for a long time, but I powered through as I always did.


    One morning, I almost fell on the floor while trying to get out of bed. That was the day I knew I needed to ask for help! I was referred to a physical therapist to work on strengthening my hip joint, but I knew my body was rejecting the added weight and I needed to act fast. I also knew if I didn’t get my weight under control, 35 pounds could quickly turn into 50 or even 100 pounds.


    On my journey to a healthier life, I tried different weight loss plans that were restrictive, achieved results in the short term, but were not sustainable. Prior to getting serious about my health, I lost weight but regained it and sometimes more. One weight loss “expert” made a comment that “people will eat cardboard to lose weight.”


    As someone who loves food, I knew this was not true! I still wanted to eat real food that tasted good.

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    I also resented that my body was changing as I aged, and I could no longer tolerate some of the foods that I loved. I began experimenting with more whole grain and plant-based foods which nourished my body and mind.


    I made meal prep an adventure instead of a chore! I began to lose weight, increase my physical activity, and watched my self-confidence and mood begin to improve.


    To become successful in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I had to re-learn to make self-care a priority. I worked on healing my emotional wounds which were causing self-doubt and changing unhealthy eating habits driven by painful feelings and emotions.


    An important lesson I learned is that no matter what their size, if a person doesn’t heal their emotional wounds and change their mindset, they will not be happy with themselves.


    My mission is to share what I have learned in my journey and make the transformation easier for other women who are committed to improving their health and well-being. I educate women on how to create nourishing habits so they can enjoy a healthy, happy life. I guide them as they build awareness around their triggers for emotional eating and self-sabotage. I help them develop new strategies to overcome barriers that have prevented them from creating a healthy lifestyle.


    I specialize in working with women because I understand the behaviors and beliefs that lead us to ignore our health and self-care. I've seen lifestyle choices quickly lead to weight gain and loss of self-confidence, which negatively impacts other areas of our lives. I know how to break through obstacles by ditching the traditional mindset of judgement, deprivation, and resentment for a mindset of courage, curiosity, and accountability.


    I want all women to carve out the healthy life they deserve!

  • Praise for Adrienne's Work


    I beat self-sabotage!

    Adrienne helped me by enabling me to work through the self-sabotage that was keeping me stuck and slowing down my progress. I lost 18 lbs in 90 days, 45 lbs in 6 months, and 70 lbs in one year!


    I got to know myself!

    Working with Adrienne, I learned a lot of good lessons about creating healthy habits and so much about myself I wasn't expecting. I lost 12 lbs in 90 days and 55 lbs in one year!


    I mastered mindfulness!

    Adrienne helped me achieve my weight loss goal, learn which foods give me energy instead of taking it away, and learn techniques to reduce stress and increase my metabolism. I lost 12 lbs in 90 days!


    It was transforming!

    I highly recommend working with Adrienne. She enabled me to see that it’s okay to have fun and relax. It’s also okay to mess up and pick myself up and move forward with love and grace.

  • Optimal Health is Possible!

    What do you need to live a healthy life you love?

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    Do You Recognize This Woman?

    • Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food or lack self-confidence?
    • Are you so busy taking care of everyone else that you have ignored taking care of YOU?
    • Do you feel you have tried everything possible to create a healthy lifestyle, but nothing has worked?
    • Do you often give up or have trouble holding yourself accountable in reaching your goals?
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    Do You Want Something Better? 

    • Break Through Obstacles: Learn from someone who’s been there how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from breaking old patterns.
    • Build Self-Confidence: Develop a deeper connection with your body and mind to foster self-awareness and self-acceptance so you can set yourself up for success.
    • Lose Weight: Lose weight naturally while eating real food that tastes delicious and nourishes your body.
    • Increase Energy: Discover which foods work best with your body type and individual lifestyle to maintain increased energy throughout the day.
    • Transform Your Life: When you see that you can achieve your healthy life goals, you'll be able to move forward in achieving goals in other areas of your life.
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    Why Choose LifeCanyon?

    • Personalized one to one coaching that honors your unique lifestyle.
    • Loving and encouraging support that holds you accountable to yourself.
    • A high level of empathy and respect with a philosophy based on curiosity, not judgement.
    • Success stories that reflect my ability to consistently guide clients in achieving the results they want.
  • My Programs

    Two highly supportive 1:1 coaching options to choose from:

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    90-Day: Accountability Breakthrough

    Start with a FREE Discovery Session


    This foundational program helps you overcome obstacles, learn about yourself and your unique body, and set strategies so you can see the weight start coming off!

    • One 90-minute Zoom initial 1:1 coaching session, with deep dive body acceptance exercise.
    • One 50-minute Zoom session weekly for three months, which includes discussion of your progress, recommendations, and session notes.
    • Curated handouts, recipes, books, and self-discovery exercises to keep you on track and moving forward.
    • Daily support tools to maintain motivation and structure.
    • Unlimited text and email support between sessions.







    Book Here


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    6-Month: Courageous Transformation

    Start with a FREE Discovery Session


    This transformational program helps you uncover and shift ingrained beliefs to accelerate weight loss and boost your energy level to keep you from "dieting" again!

    • One 90-minute Zoom initial 1:1 coaching session, with deep dive body acceptance exercise.  
    • One 50-minute Zoom session weekly for six months, which includes discussion of your progress, recommendations, and session notes. 
    • Curated handouts, recipes, books, and self-discovery exercises to keep you on track and moving forward. 
    • Daily support tools to maintain motivation and structure. 
    • Unlimited text and email support between sessions.
    • Two transformational audio visualizations for shifting the ingrained beliefs that have kept you “stuck.”  
    • Virtual, personalized culinary nutrition cooking demonstration with mood boosting foods.



    Book Here 


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    Schedule Your Free Healthy Life Discovery Session

    This 1:1 session is designed to:

    • Get clarity around the health and lifestyle you want to create.
    • Discover the essential building blocks for having the healthy lifestyle of your dreams.
    • Determine the #1 obstacle preventing you from achieving your goals.
    • Identify the most powerful actions needed to easily create healthy habits.
    • Leave with the excitement of knowing what to do next to carve out the healthy life you want and deserve.

    This session is right for you if:

    • You have struggled with holding yourself accountable or seen results that haven't lasted.
    • You are serious about creating a healthy lifestyle and are willing to work to make it happen.
    • You appreciate a nurturing accountability partner to help you succeed.
    • If it appears we're a good fit for working together, I will guide you through how to begin. If not, my intention is to provide you with a good next step.
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  • Coaching Credentials

    Certified to provide transformational coaching and holistic nutritional support.

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    Culinary Nutrition

    Cooking classes, dietary plans, and menu planning


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    Transformation Intensive

    Deep identity shifts and belief changes based in NLP

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    Pattern Disruption

    Disrupt limiting patterns and set boundaries


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    Healthy Habit Creation

    Nutrition education, behavior change, and self-awareness

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